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"Autumn Sunset"

100% Merino handspun wool



Grist: 907 YPP

Dyer: Emily Hitchner

Autumn Sunset

$60.00 Regular Price
$51.00Sale Price
  • Handspun yarn is always unique to each spinner, and no two skeins are ever completely alike.  Even the same colorway can look very different across skeins, depending on how the spinner has chosen to create the final yarn.  Some of my handspun yarn has been purposely spun "thick and thin" for more of an art yarn look, and some has been spun with a more consistent thickness. 


    Handspun yarn can be used in so many ways and can bring such a special quality to any final product you choose to make.  Remember that handspun yarn will have minor inconsistencies built in as part of the unique beauty and charm, and will work up differently than a commercial yarn.


    I have attempted to take the most accurate pictures I can, but please keep in mind that colors may differ across monitors and phone or tablet screens.  


    I recommend that you wash any final product gently by hand, with no agitation, and lay it flat to dry.


    I hope that you enjoy your one-of-a-kind treasure! Please send me pictures of your final product so that I can see what you've made and add it to my customer gallery (with your permission of course).

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